The Flash EP Teases Identity Of Zoom


Who is Zoom? Well, if Team Flash could figure that out now, it might significantly shorten their season.

Luckily for fans, that isn't going to happen -- although the mystery that fans have been wondering about from Day One is going to start creeping into the minds of the characters sooner than later, according to series showrunner Andrew Kreisberg.

"As the season progresses, more will be revealed," Kreisberg told EW. "We obviously don’t want to give too much away, because we’ve made his identity a mystery that’s part of the ongoing storyline. We’re really jazzed about the storytelling choices that we’ve made this season. So far, the audience has gone with them, and we hope they’ll continue to do so."

Of course, it wasn't long ago that producers said we would start getting more clarity as to Zoom's identity, in no small part because of the Harrison Wells of Earth-2 agreeing to partner up with the big bad to steal Barry's speed. Having a confidant of sorts, the thinking goes, will open up Zoom somewhat beyond the bravado we've seen so far.

First, though, Team Flash has to deal with the threat of the Reverse-Flash -- somehow still alive in spite of Eddie Thawne's sacrifice last year and apparently living through what Wells calls "his origin story."