'Fixer Upper' Fans Rally Around Joanna Gaines as She Shares "Bittersweet" Family News

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Joanna Gaines is the mom of five children, ranging in age from 5 to 20. Her oldest son, Drake, is in college, while the youngest, Crew, will start kindergarten in the fall. Still, every milestone brings a new set of emotions for Joanna and her husband Chip.

This month, she commemorated her son Duke's 16th birthday. This is her third child to turn 16 and start to drive, but Joanna admits that it still makes her emotional.

Joanna shared a video on Instagram, showing her setting up blue-and-green balloons, gifts, and a "Happy Birthday" banner for her son. She followed that scene with a photo of a beaming Chip at the DMV with the message "he passed!" Finally, she's seen waving in her driveway as her son drives up in a white pickup truck.

She captioned the post, "Third time doing this and it still makes mama cry. #16"

Fans found Joanna's post to be very relatable and left supportive messages in the comments:

  • "So beautiful & bittersweet, Jo...Never quite get over how we don’t get to keep all the moments — we just get to witness all the moments. And you’ve given your kids such withness & witness, @joannagaines … tender hug, Mama — we so love you 🫶🤍 "

  • "I cannot believe you now have 3 that has turned 16! I’ve have watched your shows from day 1 and remember how small they were!!where has time gone???"

  • "Hang in there mama!! My daughter turned 22 and graduating from nursing school. It never gets easier. ❤️🥰"

  • "I get it mama!! Why do they grow up so fast 😢"

We've loved watching this family grow in the 10 years since Fixer Upper premiered! Chip and Joanna are returning to TV this weekend with an all-new series, Fixer Upper: The Lakehouse.

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