First 'The Age of Adaline' Trailer: Blake Lively Deals With Immortality

What would you do if you could be young and beautiful forever?

If you’re Blake Lively in The Age of Adaline, you hide away so that no one can see you. Because as you can see in the first trailer of the Lee Toland Krieger-directed film above, never getting older means that you have to watch all of your friends, family, and lovers die, which means that meeting new people just inevitably leads to heartbreak and loss.

That’s the situation for Adaline, a gorgeous woman who becomes ageless after a car accident in the 1930’s. She stays the same as her friends and family get older; later in the film, we meet her daughter, played by 81-year-old Ellen Burstyn.

To break the spell of immortality, it will take meeting a new true love, making it kind of a Beauty and the Beast in reverse.

It sounds like wish fulfillment to look like Blake Lively forever. But she cannot grow old with anyone,” Krieger told USA Today. “In a world consumed with youth and vanity, there’s something very fresh and beautiful about a story focusing on the beauty of growing old.”

The film, which also co-stars Harrison Ford, hits theaters on April 24.

Check out the exclusive first poster of the movie below:

Adaline with Blake Lively
Adaline with Blake Lively