First photo of Chiefs’ Travis Kelce on the set of rebooted game show has emerged

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Did you know there is a company in California that pays people for attending the taping of television shows?

In fact, OSLA Productions, which bills itself as an “audience and seat filling company,” recently had been offering $100 to $110 for people to sit through a new game show.

Here is a description of that show from the OSLA website: “Presenting ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A CELEBRITY, an exciting reimagining of the popular game show! ... ‘Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader’ has been reinvented with a class of CELEBRITIES, instead of kids!! HOST NAME COMING SOON!”

Ah, but we already know the host’s name: Travis Kelce, the Chiefs tight end.

Filming has started on the show, and we’ll soon learn if celebrities are in fact smarter than 5th graders.

And a photo of Kelce on set has emerged. It appears former NFL quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is one of the contestants (on the left).

According to, the show began filming last Thursday. It also was recorded Monday and Tuesday, with one more day of shooting set for Friday in Culver City, California.

Kelce take a break from the show for another of his gigs. He will be in Cincinnati on Thursday for a live “New Heights” podcast show with his brother, Jason.

Then it’ll be back to California for game-show duties.

Kelce has been spotted out and about in the Los Angeles area with his girlfriend, superstar singer Taylor Swift. She visited him on set of the game show, too. That’s according to Cosmopolitan magazine.

US Weekly said Kelce had been tied to the show for quite a while.

The magazine wrote: “While it may be an unexpected move for Kelce to host, the source says the deal was done ‘long before Travis’ profile was raised, and now he has to honor the contract. (They’ll shoot) several test episodes and really fine-tune the show and Kelce so this doesn’t embarrass him.’”