First Out: New Music From Doechii, King Princess, Pronoun & More

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Looking for some new queer tunes to get you through the weekend? We’ve got you covered —  Billboard Pride is proud to present the latest edition of First Out, our weekly roundup of some of the best new music releases from LGBTQ artists.

From Doechii’s bouncing new single to King Princess’s heartbroken anthem, check out just a few of our favorite releases from this week below:

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Doechii, “Bitch I’m Nice”

If you’re looking to party this weekend, Doechii has just release the song for you. “Bitch I’m Nice,” the latest track from the rapper, is a fiery anthem of nothing but the utmost self-confidence. Dripping in swag and sex, Doechii lays out her detractors and gasses herself up at every given opportunity, while the simple, scintillating beat only adds to the atmosphere. Doechii might be “nice,” but that doesn’t mean that she’s afraid to end a fight.

King Princess, “Change the Locks”

Heartbroken love ballads are not necessarily what King Princess is known for, but “Change the Locks” serves as proof that the singer-songwriter excells at writing them. The moving new single sees KP stripping back her rock-focused sound for a quiet, acoustic rendition, as she sings to a lover that only seems motivated by hurting her. Narrating the arguments, the drama, and the general tumult she feels, King Princess comes to the conclusion that her lover is “changing the locks on your heart ’cause you’re bored,” a line that will stick with you as soon as you hear it.

Pronoun, “Roe Vs Gofvckyourself”

In the ensuing weeks since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, stripping away women’s Constitutional right to choose, everyone has processed the news differently. For Alyse Vellturo, the answer was fear, confusion, and a lot of anger. That’s where her new song “Roe Vs Gofvckyourself” comes in — while the track doesn’t offer typical expressions of rage like seething guitars or banging drums, its lyrics certainly show the deep wellspring of anger within her, as she concludes the dissociative track with a simple call-to-action: “Burn it down.”

Hope Tala, “Is It Enough”

Hope is in short supply right now, so it’s fitting that Hope Tala would bring some of her namesake to the table. “Is It Enough” doesn’t offer empty platitudes of uplifting content, never veering into the “we got this” territory of edifying songwriting. Instead, she offers genuine, thoughtful ruminations on the state of the world, and assures herself that we will ultimately overcome our struggles — but also wonders if wanting change is enough, especially when the systems have been rigged to make it harder to “break down the door.” Honesty is Hope Tala’s strength, making this one of her strongest songs yet.

Madeline the Person, “Why I Broke Up With You”

Everyone has had that moment where they come up with the perfect rebuttal, or the perfect way to tell someone off hours after their interaction. Madeline the Person simply wants to make sure that her ex gets the message — on “Why I Broke Up With You,” the rising singer-songwriter pointedly tells off her ex, letting them know that getting high is not a personality trait and she deserves to be with someone who’s actually there for her. It’s about as direct as a kiss-off song can get, and Madeline wears her confidence well as she bluntly lets her ex know why she’s out.

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