First look: TLC's emotional new 'Lost in Transition' series follows families after husbands reveal they are transgender

·Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

It doesn’t get much more real than this.

The new TLC docu-series Lost in Transition follows four married couples in which the husband has recently revealed to his wife that he has grappled with his gender identity for years. In our exclusive first look, one of the couples, Stacy and Les, share part of their story. The two met as children and began dating in high school. They married and were living in a rural town in Washington with their baby boy when Les told his wife of more than four years that he is transgender and has made the decision to become the woman he is.

“My worst fear was just that she was gonna leave me,” Les says. “It was terrifying, thinking that.”

Understandably, Stacy now worries not just for herself and for Les, but for their son, Evander. They’re expecting a second child too.

“One of the things Les still says is, ‘It was almost to the point that it was either come out or die,’” Stacy says. “I was scared of losing Les completely, losing Evander’s father. … I was scared more of losing the love of my life than of the love of my life being a female.”

Other couples profiled deal with depression and acceptance from their communities. In one case, a child is transitioning at the same time as a parent. One couple decides to divorce, which comes with its own issues, and others, like Stacy and Les, are still trying to figure out what their relationship will be like in the future.

Lost in Transition premieres Sunday, May 20, at 10 p.m. on TLC.

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