First look: Steven Tyler's 'risky' career change takes center stage in intimate documentary

“Most people would rather be certain they’re miserable, rather than take a risk and be happy.” So says one of rock ‘n’ roll’s iconic frontmen, Steven Tyler, who is the subject of the upcoming documentary Steven Tyler: Out on a Limb, which arrives in May.

The film takes an intimate look at the Aerosmith singer’s career choices over the decades, which most recently included exploring his roots and putting out a solo country music album in 2016 — definitely risky.

Yahoo Entertainment has the first look at the documentary, which offers fans insight from Tyler’s inner circle of fellow songwriters and musicians, as well as plenty of commentary about from the singer himself about his penchant for trying different things.

“I feel like I’m doing something new again,” he concludes — quite a statement from an artist who’s already “done” everything from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to American Idol.

Momentum Pictures will release Steven Tyler: Out on a Limb on VOD and Digital HD on May 15. The documentary will kick off the opening night of the 49th Annual Nashville Film Festival May 10. Music City will host the film fest at the Regal Hollywood 27 theaters through May 19.

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