First Look at Animal Planet’s ‘Life at Vet U’ Reality Series

If you’ve ever thought about becoming a veterinarian because you love animals that much, but wondered if you cut it — How do you treat patients that can’t tell you what’s wrong? How can you stomach seeing them in pain? — a new Animal Planet series may provide the answer.

Above is your exclusive first look at the upcoming reality show Life at Vet U, which follows six fourth-year veterinary students in their last couple of months at the fiercely competitive Penn Vet. According to the network, “They must battle the stress of internship placements, insanely difficult cases, and final rotations all while finding time for a personal life (think the animal version of Scrubs).“

The stress is palpable in the trailer, but so is the sense of devotion. "She’s not my patient or anything, but I like giving her some love,” one student says while sitting inside a cone-wearing dog’s cage. Another, with tears in her eyes after checking up on a foal, says, This "is definitely what makes all the hard work worth it.” Then she adds, “I’m gonna be sad when you leave.”

A premiere date for Life at Vet U has not yet been announced, but it’s “coming soon.”