First Look: The AnkerWork M650 Portable Microphone Packs Big Tech into a Tiny Package

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AnkerWork has had enough of bulky lapel microphones or ones that require running the microphone wire through your clothes down to the transmitter that’s in your back pocket. The company is also on a mission to create a quick and efficient recording experience that you can quickly set up and capture great sounding recording without lugging around additional equipment.

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With a design that looks more like a cufflink, AnkerWork unveiled its latest portable wireless microphone, the AnkerWork M650 at CES 2023 and will be available for purchase in March.

We look forward to getting our hands on the M650 when it becomes available to see if our SPY editor deems it worthy of being included in the other wireless microphones he uses to shoot indie films. At first glance, and on paper, it’s hard not to be excited about the portable microphone technology packed into such a tiny form factor. You can find everything we know so far about the AnkerWork M650 below.

What We Love About The AnkerWork M650

The design is fabulous. As we alluded to earlier, that small clip-on, button-sized microphones are non-intrusive while also sporting interchangeable color covers to really make the microphones more discrete for on-camera interviews.

The amount of technology built into the seemingly tiny microphone and transmitter is nothing to scoff at. The entire package is self-contained in that the transmitter and microphone all charge within the charging case (think wireless earbuds). Expect about six hours of battery life and about 1.5 charges from the case. With fast charging capabilities, it can go from a dead battery to fully charged in 90 minutes. It captures professional audio quality from two different sources simultaneously thanks to dual-channel audio and can store up to seven hours of audio.

Onboard the transmitter is a little touchscreen where you can adjust audio levels and playback levels in real time. This minimizes the amount of equipment you need to grab and interview and lets you capture great sounding audio on-the-fly.

AnkerWorks Pricing and Availability

You won’t have to wait long to get your hands on this compact and self contained audio recording device. You’ll see the AnkerWork M650 wireless microphone available on Amazon and come March 2023 for $249.

ankerwork m650

AnkerWork M650 Portable Wireless Microphone

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