First Andor reactions say it’s more like an HBO series than a Star Wars show – and that’s no bad thing

 Diego Luna in Andor
Diego Luna in Andor
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The first reactions to new Star Wars series Andor are in. The Disney Plus show, which revolves around Diego Luna’s rebel prior to the events of Rogue One, is already being called "beautifully crafted" and the most mature Star Wars story to date.

Our own Molly Edwards wrote, "Andor is INCREDIBLE. It's gritty, serious, and thrilling – a completely unique entry in the Star Wars canon. Diego Luna is fantastic and Cassian is such a fascinating character. I cannot WAIT for the rest of the series!"

Others have said it "feels akin to a HBO drama" with a "grounded story… and serious tone that shows a new side of the Empire."

The Direct’s Sam Hargrave praised the new direction featured in the show. He wrote, "Andor is the biggest departure from the #StarWars formula yet and it thrives for it! It's a dark and mature story of the start of the Rebellion - one that may not appeal to all fans. The scope and practical visuals are immense, perhaps the best-looking Disney+ original yet!"

Collider’s Steven Weintraub added to the feeling this is completely different than what’s come before. He said: "I’m so tired of watching the same Star Wars characters and locations and ‘Andor’ is none of that. No Jedi. No lightsabers. No Tatooine. Tony Gilroy is leading what might end up as my favorite ‘Star Wars’ series."

Elsewhere, others have lauded "the most intelligent and well-informed story we've had to date" with one comparing it to "a dark Ridley Scott sci-fi joint."

"This is going to be the show that gets me back into Star Wars," one wrote. "Andor introduces new, memorable characters, plus an intriguing arc for Andor. And it actually has something to say!"

You’ll be able to find out for yourself whether Andor lives up to the hype very soon. The first three episodes premiere on Disney Plus on September 21. Here are more of the upcoming Star Wars movies and shows coming your way very soon.