The Firm May Have One of Kate Middleton’s Former Rivals Step up Amid Her Absence

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Kate Middleton has been a cornerstone of the British royal family for some time now, but as of late, she has taken a step back to focus on her health. In March, the Princess of Wales revealed her cancer diagnosis, an announcement that deeply concerned the public. Since then, she’s been dedicating herself entirely to her recovery. However, royal duties must continue, and it appears that one of Middleton’s former rivals, Princess Beatrice, may be stepping into the spotlight to help fill the void.

The longstanding rivalry between Kate Middleton and Princess Beatrice reportedly intensified due to Beatrice and Eugenie’s close friendship with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. “Kate will not tolerate their cousins being all cozy with William one minute, then sneaking off with Meghan and Harry the next,” insiders said back in April 2023 when their alleged feud made headlines. “Eugenie, especially, has made a habit out of playing both sides.” Despite these tensions, both women have matured into their roles, focusing on their respective duties and charitable efforts.

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Princess Beatrice and her sister, Princess Eugenie, have noticeably increased their charity work as of late. Some royal experts believe this is a strategic move to demonstrate to King Charles their readiness to take on more royal responsibilities. “I get the impression Beatrice and Eugenie are stepping up their charity work, and dropping subtle hints to the King that they would be willing to take on some royal duties if asked,” royal expert Phil Dampier previously explained to Daily Mail.

The Firm, as the royal institution is known, faces a significant workload with King Charles now overseeing around 300 patronages previously managed by his mother and father. Given the King’s own health challenges, there is a growing need for additional support. Dampier believes that, with palace approval, Eugenie and Beatrice could serve as excellent ambassadors for the royal family. “I think it could be arranged so that they [Beatrice and Eugenie] take on some non-controversial roles with worthy causes like hospitals, schools, and even the military,” he added.

And now, an insider reveals that Princess Beatrice is particularly eager to take on a more prominent role. “[Beatrice] would love for it to become a permanent situation,” a source told Life & Style. “Beatrice is comfortable in the spotlight and would be overjoyed to become a working royal”.

As Beatrice steps up, Middleton continues to feel the weight of her responsibilities. “While no one is pushing Kate to do anything but recover, she’s still feeling a lot of pressure to get back to her duties and to be even more perfect than before,” the insider said. Despite her commitment to healing, Middleton struggles with the desire to return to her roles as a mother, wife, and working royal. “She doesn’t want the world to see her like this, and she doesn’t want to delay getting back to work as a royal even more, either,” the source continued.

Throughout 2024, Middleton’s health journey has been challenging. Balancing her recovery with family responsibilities and the expectations of her public role has not been easy. Her first instinct is to prioritize her children — George, Charlotte, and Louis — but the struggle to manage everything is evident.

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