You can finally watch the trailer for Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas' erotic thriller Deep Water

You can finally watch the trailer for Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas' erotic thriller Deep Water

The year 2019 was such a long time ago. Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas hadn't even met when they were first cast as the leads in Deep Water, an erotic thriller from director Adrian Lyne (Fatal Attraction), in August of that year. Over the following months, the two developed a tabloid-friendly relationship, de Armas broke big with a starring role in Knives Out, and the future looked bright.

Well, here we are almost three years later. Affleck and de Armas have long since broken up, the former reuniting with ex-flame Jennifer Lopez for a relationship that is even more popular with paparazzi. De Armas' career, which was full of momentum as 2020 began, continues to be affected awkwardly by the pandemic time-shift; her Marilyn Monroe biopic Blonde remains stuck in limbo at Netflix. Meanwhile, Deep Water is only now becoming available for viewing. After being pulled from Disney's theatrical release schedule, the erotic thriller is now landing on Hulu later this month.

Deep Water
Deep Water

Claire Folger/20th Century Studios Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas in 'Deep Water'

The Deep Water trailer makes clear why these two actors were chosen for the movie. Affleck's Vic Van Allen and de Armas' Melinda Van Allen are in a superficially happy marriage roiled by dark undercurrents. Affleck's black-eyed performance is therefore reminiscent of Gone Girl, though it must be said that the new movie's source material (a 1957 novel by The Talented Mr. Ripley author Patricia Highsmith) predates Gillian Flynn by several decades.

Despite their protestations of love, Vic and Melinda clearly aren't happy in a monogamous relationship. So Melinda starts playing mind games and taking other lovers, which is all well and good until bodies start dropping.

"Do you think we'll ever just be happy?" Melinda asks her husband in the final moments of the trailer.

"God, I hope so," he responds.

A happy ending didn't manifest for Affleck and de Armas in real life, and doesn't sound likely for these troubled movie characters either. But Deep Water still seems like a fun ride. Watch the trailer above; the film lands on Hulu on March 18.

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