Finally, the Uncut Version of The Muppet Christmas Carol Is Back

Scrooge and ghost
Scrooge and ghost

There’s magic in the air, Muppets fans! The wait is finally over as Disney+ is officially adding the extended cut of The Muppet Christmas Carol to the streaming platform. And yes, it’s going to include the beloved holiday musical’s long “lost” song, “When Love is Gone.”

The scene featuring the melancholy tune—which appears during a poignant moment in the past for Michael Caine’s Scrooge—was originally cut from the movie’s theatrical release. It was included in the film’s first VHS run, but removed from the subsequent DVD version, which featured the film’s theatrical cut. But starting December 9, you’ll be able to watch the movie in its entirety, as director Brian Henson originally envisioned, in time for its 30th anniversary. It’s a whole holiday miracle, as the reel that featured the song was recently unearthed and utilized to prepare a 4K remaster of the classic film.

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When Love Is Gone - The Muppet Christmas Carol - HD Widescreen

Last year, Disney+ added “When Love is Gone” as a special feature on the extras page—appreciated, but inconvenient for those who wanted to watch the scene in the context of the movie. In order to do that, you had to pause mid-film, return to the main page, click through to the special features, then watch the clip before making your way back to the movie itself.

Thankfully, this year you can access the extended cut with the song—written by the legendary songwriter Paul Williams (“Rainbow Connection,” The Phantom of the Paradise)—without interruption in the extras tab of the movie. It’s still a little weird, but not uncommon; Little Shop of Horrors has a similar deal on HBO Max, where you also have to go to the features tab to access it’s director’s cut. Guess it’s just Henson movies, eh?

Watch The Muppet Christmas Carol in its entirety on Disney+ starting December 9.

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