Finally, The Galaxy's Coolest Character Arrives In Fortnite's Big Star Wars Update

Image: Lucasfilm / Epic / Kotaku
Image: Lucasfilm / Epic / Kotaku
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Billy Dee Williams’ Lando Calrissian is one of the coolest characters in Star Wars and now, finally, this cape-wearing, smooth-talking scoundrel will soon be available in Fortnite along with a lot of other Star Wars-related content, too.

It’s almost May 4th aka Star Wars Day aka that date that sounds kind of like “May The Force” and thus became an official holiday for the franchise. Anyway, Epic’s massively popular free-to-play game Fortnite is once again hopping into that galaxy far, far away with a massive new Star Wars event. This is the biggest Star Wars update the game has ever received, with nearly every part of it getting some intergalactic content, including Lando Calrissian, Chewbacca, Lego lightsabers, Darth Maul-themed race cars, sci-fi instruments, and even some Star Wars music.

Announced on May 1, the upcoming Star Wars update will arrive on May 3 across all platforms Fortnite is currently available on. As you might expect, past Star Wars skins—like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Darth Vader, and Rey—will be available to buy once again in the game’s store. But new skins are coming too, including Death Troopers and the previously mentioned Lando Calrissian skin based on the character’s appearance in Empire Strikes Back.

Lego Fortnite goes all-in on Star Wars

Meanwhile, in Lego Fortnite, the Empire is invading and players will have to team up with the rebels to fight back and save the day. The Lego Star Wars update adds more Lego versions of pre-existing skins and a ton of new items to build and craft inside the popular game-within-a-game. All Star Wars skins added to the game will feature a Lego version, too.

Players will be able to visit a new Lego island filled with Star Wars content, like new crafting materials, a new workbench, Imperial enemies, weapons, and more. According to Epic, all this content—unlike most of the other stuff in the update—will stick around long after this event ends. And yes, they are adding Lego lightsabers to the game.

Finally, my Lego minifig version of Lady Gaga can wield a lightsaber against Lego Darth Vader. Dreams do come true! As you play all of this new Lego Star Wars content, you’ll be able to upgrade a limited-time mini-battle pass featuring new Lego Star Wars items and characters. As with all other battle passes in Fortnite, you can unlock some content for free, but have to pay if you want to get everything they offer, including the Chewbacca skin.

All the other Star Wars stuff coming to Fortnite on May 3

In the Battle Royale mode, Chewbacca will appear on the map inside a randomly selected Imperial outpost. Players can kill the Stormtroopers guarding him and free the Wookiee warrior, who will then aid them for the rest of the match. You’ll also get to use his sweet Bowcaster. And Darth Vader, his lightsaber, and E-11 blasters are returning to battle royale island as well.

Image: Lucasfilm / Epic
Image: Lucasfilm / Epic

Over in Fortnite Festival—the rhythm-based music game that also lives inside Fortnite—players will be able to jam out and chill on a new map that teleports players to the cantina seen in A New Hope. Players will also be able to grab the “Cantina song”—you know the one—and play it in Festival’s main stage or jam stage modes. Also being added to Festival: new musical instruments inspired by Star Wars, like a drum set featuring Stormtrooper helmets.

Finally, new Star Wars-themed car parts and skins are being added in the May 3 update, letting you cover your car in paint designs inspired by Darth Maul, Anakin’s podracer, and The Mandalorian’s armor. Some of this content will be usable in Rocket League as well.

According to Epic, the Star Wars crossover will conclude on May 14, though any content you earn or buy will still be usable after the event ends. And some content, like the Lego Star Wars island, will stick around after all the fun ends.


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