Final 'Jeopardy!' stumps two players, but Twitter thinks it's 'pretty simple': Can you solve it?

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Was this the easiest Final "Jeopardy!" clue ever? Some fans on Twitter think so, but it still stumped two contestants.

Read aloud by host Ken Jennings in the National Parks category on Friday's episode last week, the clue was: "It's named for a river indigenous people called Mi tse a-da-zi, translated by French-speaking trappers as 'Pierre Jaune.' "

And here's an extra hint: The answer is in the clue.

Still, that seemed lost on contestants Lauren Donegan and Stephen Webb, who wrote question marks for their answers. The third contestant, Will Travis, correctly answered "What is Yellowstone?"

But when the final wagers were all said and done, Webb came out on top with $19,930.

Fans took to Twitter to deem the episode's Final "Jeopardy!" an easy clue, since "Pierre Jaune" translates to "Yellow Stone" in English.

"Surprised they didn’t all get this one," @RoastLamb27 wrote. "French is so common."

"Pretty simple," @Leonsdatter wrote.

"Lol they literally spell it out for you if you’re even moderately literate in French," @John_BTY wrote.

"My @duolingo practice worked tonight!" @Julie93009065 wrote.

Fans in the comments section of the Final "Jeopardy!" clip on YouTube also marveled at the clue.

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"As a European fan of Yogi Bear with a middle level of French- Dang, that was easy!" wrote one user under the name Nikki.

"Why not just guess a random National Park?" asked a user with the name TheLizardKingC. "Odds are decent you'll guess Yellowstone."

It's been a rough month for game show contestants. On Monday, a young contestant on "Wheel of Fortune" went viral when she asked for a "g" to solve the puzzle "Fresh Tropical Fruit," when only the "s" in "Fresh" was missing. The blunder cost her a trip to Antigua.

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