Final Fantasy meets Frasier in this no-joke, completely real JRPG mashup based on a 3-year-old sitcom gag

 Frasier imagined as a Final Fantasy game from the Gameboy era.
Frasier imagined as a Final Fantasy game from the Gameboy era.
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A composer has brought two titans of the ’90s together into one essential JRPG – Final Fantasy and Frasier.

Frasier Fantasy puts you into the shoes of everyone’s favorite radio psychiatrist, tasked with the ultimate mission of throwing together a lush wee dinner party. That doesn’t come easy, though, as there are various errands to run to make the dream a reality. Within moments of playing, I’m tasked with doing my job, shooing my dad Martin and Eddie the dog out of the flat, and fetching my grape scissors from Niles, everyone’s favorite brother figure. Best get a move on, then.

If you happened to chance upon Frasier years prior, there are some deep cuts you’ll enjoy. A starring contest with Eddie is one, though the suitably retro take on the Fraiser theme is a personal highlight. As there’s a bit of Final Fantasy to it, you’ve also got Fraiser Crane artwork in the style of Yoshitaka Amano and turn-based battles.

Suitably, the JRPG is styled as a Game Boy game to really hammer home that nostalgic vibe. It’s also because that’s how Frasier Fantasy appeared close to three years ago when Lost in Cult illustrator Stephen Graham showed it off on Twitter. Many years later, thanks to the work of composer and coder Edward La Barbera, the meme is now a full-fat JRPG.

If you’re keen to give the JRPG a go, it’s playable within the browser over on Some fans have even got it going on their Game Boys and Analogue Pockets, for a proper sense of '90s immersion.

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