Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth is getting a dedicated State of Play next week


The PlayStation State of Play might have only just ended, but we're getting another one next week - and it's dedicated to Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth.

In an announcement at the end of tonight's show, Sony's director of portfolio Shawne Benson added the classic 'one more thing'. "Before we go, I have one final announcement," Benson said. "State of Play will return on February 6 with an extensive look at Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth." That second State of Play will offer "new gameplay details" and more information, though there's currently no other information on offer.

Sony regularly goes in for substantial deep dives on its major tentpole games, so the fact that we're getting this Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth State of Play should come as no surprise with the second part of the trilogy set to release on February 29th. What does come as a surprise, however, is how quickly Sony is following up tonight's show. Normally, months can pass without big showcases like this, and while I'd imagined Sony would have tried to get something in the books before the traditional summer conference window (RIP E3), I certainly didn't expect to be waiting barely a week for another State of Play.

It'll be interesting to see what Square Enix decides to show off next week. It's clear that Rebirth doesn't plan to stick quite as closely to the OG FF7 with the second part of its remake trilogy as it did with the first part - perhaps we'll get a little more clarity about how that will shape up in the new State of Play.

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