Final Fantasy 14 wraps up 10-year anniversary celebrations with a whopping 14-hour stream featuring Yoshi-P

 Final Fantasy 14's new Dawntrail job slashes their blade.
Final Fantasy 14's new Dawntrail job slashes their blade.

Square Enix plans to celebrate Final Fantasy 14's next milestone birthday with a massive 14-hour livestream.

Final Fantasy 14 technically came out 14 years ago with its catastrophic vanilla release, but the game eventually found mega-redemption in 2013's re-release aptly called Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn. To wrap up the rebuilt game's 10th anniversary celebrations, developers from the team are jumping on to a 14-hour long livestream.

Square Enix announced the special broadcast on social media, writing that it will include "members of the FFXIV Development and Operations teams," with a picture of director Naoki 'Yoshi-P' Yoshida attached. Expect some fun memories, insights into the game's upcoming Dawntrail expansion, and maybe a few teases at what comes next.

The livestream begins on April 12 at 6pm PDT, and for those across the pond, April 13 at 3pm GMT. This is actually the game's ninth 14-hour livestream, so I wonder what they'll do for the proper 14th birthday of A Realm Reborn. Nobody tends to celebrate the anniversary of the game's disastrous original launch, after all, but now that it's one of the best MMORPGs out there, those birthdays are a big deal.

Yoshi-P has recently teased the upcoming Cosmic Exploration feature, which takes players to various planets, saying it has more in common with the collective MMO grind of Ishgard Restoration. He also dived into why Final Fantasy 14 is getting a graphical overhaul so many years later.

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