The Filming Locations Of ‘Fall-Out’: A Fan’s Guide To The Wasteland

Check out these filming locations from the series “Death in Paradise”. Pictured: the lush green hills of Guadeloupe with warm blue waters
Check out these filming locations from the series “Death in Paradise”. Pictured: the lush green hills of Guadeloupe with warm blue waters
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The eagerly anticipated Fallout TV series on Prime Video debuted last week, and it was full of surprises and fun references to the video games, along with plenty of twists and turns. Fallout, which is based on the popular survival game series of the same name, takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where some survivors have been forced to live on the surface, known as the Wasteland, and many others dwell in large subterranean facilities known as Vaults.

Three people are the main focus of the Fallout television series: Walton Goggins’ mysterious wanderer known only as The Ghoul, Ella Purnell’s character Lucy MacLean, an initiate of the Brotherhood of Steel, and Maximus, played by Aaron Moten. Although each of these three starts the game with a distinct purpose, their destinies continue to intersect.

Where Was Fallout Filmed?

Spain is considering restricting tourists’ water consumption. Pictured: a residential area of Catalonia
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The opening episode of the show gives us a taste of what a normal vault looks like, but as the members go off on their individual adventures, the settings swiftly shift, going from an abandoned town to an Air Force installation. While Fallout features a good amount of visual effects and other artistic computer elements, the majority of the locales the protagonists visit are real sites that were used in the series’ filming.

Kolmanskop, Namibia

Our journey begins in the unforgiving embrace of the wasteland, following the story of Vault Dweller 13. We first encounter Shady Sands, a dusty desert town desperately clinging to existence. This ramshackle settlement feels like it jumped straight out of the video games. But where did they find this desolate paradise?

The answer lies deep within the heart of the Namib Desert, Namibia, in a place called Kolmanskop. This town wasn’t always a wasteland outpost. Back in the early 1900s, it boomed as a diamond-mining center. However, by the mid-20th century, the diamonds had dried up, and Kolmanskop had become a ghost town.

Today, the desert sands are slowly reclaiming Kolmanskop’s grand colonial houses, creating an eerie and strangely beautiful spectacle. This haunting beauty perfectly captured the essence of Shady Sands – a place where remnants of a lost civilization stand amidst the harsh realities of the wasteland.

Wendover Airfield, Utah

A prominent military organization in the Fallout video game franchise is called the Brotherhood of Steel. Their goal is to recover and preserve pre-war technology, but they have more nuanced plans for it than that. Given the nature of the Brotherhood of Steel, it stands to reason that their headquarters in the Prime Video series was an actual base camp. The Brotherhood settled at the actual Wendover Air Force Base in Utah during the filming of the Fallout television series.

Nyack, New York

The TV adaptation of the Red Rocket truck stop features a brief appearance of the location, notably in the episode “The Radio,” despite its limited role in the games. All that’s here is essentially an easter egg for those with keen eyes. This truck stop is well-known in the Fallout 4 game as the location where the player first meets Dogmeat, a cute but lethal NPC that they can choose to travel with on their many excursions.

The Red Rocket truck stop in the television series Fallout was filmed in a genuine petrol station in Nyack, New York. Nestled in Rockland County, Nyack is a thriving village with numerous historical landmarks. The petrol station already has a funny similarity to Red Rocket, but Fallout’s creators have now made it even more fitting for the Wasteland’s mood. Though Red Rocket’s appearance has little bearing on the series overall, it’s good to see how much attention the production team took to make it a reality.

Other Filming Locations

In addition to the above-mentioned principal locations, Fallout was filmed at a number of other sites, primarily to enlarge the Wasteland and develop the show’s backstory. The first episode, which was recorded at Queens’ Fort Totten Park, introduces us to The Ghoul when a misfortunate group unearths him from his grave, prompting him to turn on them and win his own freedom.

Additional filming in New York was conducted at the Brooklyn Army Terminal Building in Sunset Park, which served as a prop for the Enclave facility that Michael Emerson’s character Dr. Wilzig and his dog managed to escape.

Regarding the village of Filly, where Lucy first encounters Dr. Wilzig, The Ghoul, and Maximus, the show was able to establish a foothold by filming at New Jersey’s Pine Barrens automotive graveyard, which is off-limits to the general public but graciously granted permission for the series’ production.

Other sequences were shot in the former ShopRite grocery store on Staten Island, such as Lucy’s interaction with Matt Berry’s character Snip Snip at the Super Duper Mart. Although the show was not actually filmed in the well-known Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, a set was created to imitate the famed tourist attraction for Moldaver’s (Sarita Choudhury) offices.

A Wasteland Worth Exploring

The filming locations of the Fallout TV series offer a fascinating glimpse into how the creators brought this beloved video game franchise to life on screen. From the desolate beauty of Kolmanskop to the imposing presence of Wendover Airfield, these real-world places add a layer of authenticity and depth to the show. But remember, the magic of Fallout extends beyond just the filming locations. The set design, costumes, and special effects all play a crucial role in transporting viewers to the post-nuclear wasteland.

So, whether you’re a seasoned Fallout veteran or a newcomer to this captivating universe, the TV series offers a fresh way to experience the wasteland. And who knows, perhaps one day you’ll get the chance to follow in the footsteps of Vault Dweller 13 and explore these filming locations for yourself! Just remember to pack your Pip-Boy and some RadAway – you never know what dangers might lurk around the corner in the wasteland.