Filed Federal and State Complaints Allege A 12-Year-Old Disabled Black Girl Died After She Was Denied Basic Medical Care Due To Discrimination Based On Race, Disability And Medical Negligence

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Federal and State Complaints Filed Against Seattle Healthcare Providers

SEATTLE, June 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Federal and state complaints, which were filed today by father Kevin Bolton represented by Oshan & Associates P.C., allege that the death of Kaloni Bolton, a 12-year old Black girl with asthma, was caused after she was denied appropriate medical treatment by Seattle's Renton Landing Urgent Care Clinic and North Benson Urgent Care Clinic -- both overseen by Valley Medical Center. The complaints were filed with the U.S. Department of Justice, Washington Human Rights Commission and Washington Medical Board.

According to the complaints, on December 29, 2020, Kaloni gasped for air and cried out "I can't breathe" as she plead for medical care but was denied treatment for asthma difficulty.

Rather than deliver basic and essential care, the staff at Renton Landing Urgent Care Clinic directed Kaloni to North Benson Urgent Care Clinic, where she was ordered by hospital staff to wait in the car. After approximately 30 minutes without basic medical treatment, Kaloni became nonresponsive and was transported to Seattle Children's Hospital, where she was pronounced dead several days later.

Since Kaloni's death last December, there has been a public outcry demanding justice. Kevin Bolton, Kaloni's father, demands answers and an independent inquiry into the facts and circumstances surrounding his daughter's death.

"I want to know what happened to my angel," said Mr. Bolton. "I demand to know why my daughter was denied medical treatment."

Mr. Bolton is represented by Evan Oshan of Oshan & Associates, who is calling for a thorough investigation into the facts in order to determine the next course of action.

"The complaints that have been filed are a major step on the path to obtaining justice for Kaloni Bolton, her family and the community," said Mr. Oshan. "We need to know what role racism and medical negligence played in Kaloni's death, as she would still be alive today if she was provided the appropriate medical treatment."

Mr. Oshan added the specter of systemic issues with Valley Medical Center given it operates both Renton Landing Urgent Care Clinic and North Benson Urgent Care Clinic.

Kevin Bolton (Kaloni's father) and Evan Oshan of Oshan & Associates are available for zoom interviews.

Contact: Evan Oshan / 206.335.3880 - Voice & Text


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