Fight and Shooting Scare Prompts Evacuation at Universal Orlando

A fight between youths sparked fears of a shooting and prompted an evacuation at Universal Orlando CityWalk in Orlando, Florida, on Saturday night, July 23, though police later said no shots were fired, no weapons were found, and no one was injured.

Orlando Police said the fight broke out between “several juveniles” in in a parking garage at the 6000 block of Universal Boulevard and that the evacuation was ordered “out of an abundance of caution.”

Video taken by Michael Van Ness shows chaotic scenes inside the parking garage, with youths fleeing as police officers come up an escalator and start detaining people. Credit: Michael Van Ness via Storyful

Video Transcript


- Hey, I got no ride.

- My mom will take you, too.

- Hey, if you walk back [INAUDIBLE] you're gonna get sprayed, hit with a baton, and I'm gonna take you to jail. Go somewhere else. You're not allowed to be here. Leave.

- I'm trying to talk to y'all. We had nothing to do with this. We had nothing to do with that. You just--

- You were all [INAUDIBLE] getting through starting fights.


- Stop. Stop.

- We need our friend.

- If you are in a big group of people who are starting stuff, you are just as guilty as them.

- No, we weren't in that group. What it had to do with us is nothing.


He didn't do nothing. He didn't [INAUDIBLE].