‘Field Of Dreams’ Pops To The Top Of Amazon Film & TV List After Home Run MLB Game

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MLB’s Field of Dreams game between the White Sox and Yankees on Thursday night was magical. It included a cinematic pre-game with an on-field appearance by Kevin Costner and a battle that saw eight(!) home runs, capped by a walk-off to win the game for Chicago. The morning after may have been even more astonishing for the film’s distributor, Universal Pictures.

The game sent the 32-year-old film flying to the top of Amazon’s “Movers & Shakers” list in Movies & TV. In fact, it was not only No. 1, it was also No.2, No.5., No. 11 and No. 12.

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The region free Blu-ray disc of the film was No. 1, up 60,800%. The basic DVD of the film clocked in next at No. 2, up a 52,772%. The multi-format Blu-ray landed at No.5, up a paltry 3,168%. See chart below.

In fact, Kevin Costner-starring movies constituted 7 of the top 12 DVDs on the list by midday Friday. The under-appreciated A Perfect World, directed Clint Eastwood rose to No. 7. For Love of the Game, with Costner and Kelly Preston made No. 9.

Fox’s “Field Of Dreams” Game Is TV’s Most-Watched Regular-Season MLB Matchup Since 2005

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The game, by the way, did well too. The Iowa match won the night’s ratings battle, earning a 1.3 in the 18-49 demo and 5.16 million viewers, per fast affiliates.

That may be in no small part due to Costner who, in addition to the on-field cameo, discussed his continued appreciation for the film at a pre-game press conference.

“I’m moved by it. I am,” he said. “Somewhere along the line, if you have some unfinished business, that movie starts to take over.”

The star recalled the impact of the ending to the film, which featured his character asking his father to for a game of catch. The moment still has resonance for Costner. In fact, he brought his two sons with him to the game on Thursday.

They got to watch their dad and the real-life Yankees and White Sox players recreate one of the most magical scenes in the film. See below.

They also got to see the White Sox, trailing in the bottom of the 9th, win with a homer in true Hollywood fashion. As MLB wrote in a tweet, “Couldn’t write a better script.”

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