Fetty Wap Says He’s ‘Fighting Real Life Sh*t’ Following Criticism From Mother of Late 4-Year-Old Daughter

Image via Getty/Paul Bruinooge
Image via Getty/Paul Bruinooge
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Fetty Wap has been grieving the death of his daughter, 4-year-old Lauren Maxwell.

The rapper shared a new post on Instagram shortly after Turquoise Miami, Lauren’s mother, called out Fetty for speaking on Lauren’s death after allegedly being a disappointing dad who was not very present in her life.

“I’m fighting real life shit,” Fetty wrote on Instagram. “I don’t respect the internet shit. Much love for the ones who bring peace in my life at this point.”

On Monday, Turquoise took to Instagram to air out her grievances about Fetty’s relationship with Lauren. She said she doesn’t think Fetty needs to openly discuss their child and prefers he not speak about her at all.

“Do better for your kids,” Miami said. “I’m never gonna stop nobody from grieving, but I feel like you’re doing too much for what it actually was. You’re grieving what could have been. You’re grieving that you should have been there.”

Turquoise continued, “You’re grieving for the time that you didn’t take advantage of. You’re not actually grieving because you miss this little girl because you have a connection with her. You didn’t call her every day, you didn’t call her every week, you didn’t call her every month. This n***a probably called her about one to two times a fucking year. You’re not grieving for what you actually lost because when you had the ability to have it, you were not interested.”

Miami alleged the “Trap Queen” hitmaker said he’d connect with Lauren when she was 16 because “you thought [her stepfather] was doing such a great job that you didn’t need to be around.” She added that Lauren called Fetty her uncle one of the last times they were on FaceTime.

Fetty has been open about Lauren’s death since she passed away in August from a cardiac arrhythmia caused by complications from congenital cardiac anomalies.

On Monday, the New Jersey native commemorated his release from jail by sharing the song and music video for “First Day Out.” He was arrested last month at Rolling Loud New York for an alleged connection to a nationwide drug trafficking ring based in Long Island.

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