Fetty Wap Accused Of Trashing LA Rental Home, Smoke Smell Was So Bad House Had To Be Repainted

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Fetty Wap is being accused of trashing an LA vacation home so bad, the landlords claim they had to repaint the entire house because of the smell of smoke.

According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, the owners of the mansion are asking a judge to force the rapper to pay $170,964 in damages.


Fetty Wap Sued for Allegedly Trashing Hollywood Rental Home

The Breakdown

In the filing, the landlords claim Fetty has not responded to the suit, and they are asking for a default judgment of the entire amount from the damages.

Fetty Wap rented the luxury home in the Hollywood Hills, at the price of $35,000 a month.

No Smoking

In the legal documents, they claims Fetty, "failed to observe and comply with the No Smoking provisions of the lease and as a result left cigarette burn marks on floors, carpets, sofas, and fixtures."

Repainted The Whole House

They continued, "After Maxwell vacated the premises, we did a walkthrough of the premises. The smell of smoke was so bad that we had to re-paint the entire home. "

The new interior paint job cost the landlords, $14,904.

Mirrors Off The Balcony

Fetty is also accused of leaving, "holes in the walls and damaged the A/V equipment, sofas, cushions, coffee tables, pillows, desk cabinets, and mirrors."

Interestingly, they say the mirrors were actually thrown off of the home's balcony by Fetty Wap or his crew.

Deplorable Conditions

Fetty also allowed pets in the home, they claim, that "damaged furniture and accessories with urine stains."

Bottom line, they claim Fetty Wap "surrendered the Premises in a dirty, deplorable condition."

The landlords are asking the judge to order the rapper to pay the entire $170,964 in damages.