Will Ferrell comes clean about why he really got drunk during Old School streaking scene

Will Ferrell had a lot to say about many of his famous movie roles during a recent interview that saw him nibble on hot wings throughout the chat. The comedian, who got his start on Saturday Night Live, dispelled rumors while visiting Hot Ones, including whether he really needed liquid courage to get naked in front of Snoop Dogg in 2003’s Old School.

“No, I actually didn’t,” Ferrell responds. “In between takes, it took so long to get Snoop Dogg out of his trailer as he was smoking and playing video games that out of boredom I just started drinking.”


He also discussed the original plot of Anchorman, which is totally different from what it turned out to be when it hit theaters in 2004.

“It was going to be a movie about newsmen meets the movie Alive where they have to survive in the mountains,” he said. “And it was all about trying to survive and get down the mountain while being stalked by chimpanzees with Chinese throwing stars. Needless to say, Hollywood said no.”

Ferrell also confirmed that his most prized possession from all of his movies is a set of prosthetic testicles he kept from the movie Step Brothers.

“Definitely top one, top two,” Ferrell says when asked to confirm if the testicles are in his top five favorites. “I keep ’em in a little trophy case. Like, you know, proper like you’d see sports memorabilia. Like, you’d put a signed baseball in like a plastic [case].”

Watch the full interview above for more hilarious moments, including a story about him and Chris Kattan playing Santa in some Southern California malls.

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