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A 'Felicity' revival? Scott Foley was once against it, but now 'would give it another shot'

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Count Noel in for the, ahem, new version of Felicity — if and when there is one.

"A few years ago the cast got together for a panel discussion on its 20th anniversary," actor Scott Foley, who played Noel, explained Tuesday to Entertainment Tonight. "Being around them, being onstage again changed my mind. I missed working with them and I would give it another shot."

Foley played one of the title character's best friends and her sometimes love interest, during the show's four-season run, from 1998 to 2002. His words were significant, because he's been against the idea in the past.

When the cast reassembled on Today in 2018, Foley was described as the "lone holdout" to the idea of a revival. He thought, the reporter said, that they "could never really recreate that magical time."

To be fair, Foley said at other events around then, which were pegged to the show's 20-year-anniversary, that he had already decided to rethink his anti-revival stance.

No matter who is involved, the original focus of the show — the friendships and romances of a young woman who followed her high school crush (played by Scott Speedman) across the country to attend college in New York City — would need to be updated. Felicity graduated during the final season, and the audience watched her go on to attend medical school back in her home state of California.

Scott Foley and Keri Russell star in
Scott Foley and Keri Russell star in "Felicity." (Photo: Byron J. Cohen /The WB Television Network/Courtesy Everett Collection)

During that Today reunion, Keri Russell, who played Felicity, tossed out the idea of a holiday special, with the gang vacationing together in Hawaii.

Whatever the premise, Scott Speedman has always been eager to reprise the role of Ben, Felicity's other main love interest. "There's a way to make it work ... to see where we are now," Speedman said in June 2018 during a panel about the show at ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas.

Sounds like the perfect time for another time travel arc.

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