‘I Feel Closure’: Star Trek: Discovery's Doug Jones Has Seen The Series Finale's Epilogue, And Shared His Thoughts

 Doug Jones As Saru in Star Trek: Discovery.
Doug Jones As Saru in Star Trek: Discovery.

2024 is here, Trekkies, which means that before too long, we'll see the final chapter of the series that kicked off Star Trek's massive resurgence. Discovery is ending and, while many of us have only peeped the episode titles for Season 5, the actors have seen much more. Series cast member Doug Jones recently revealed that he saw the finished epilogue from the finale and mentioned that after watching it, he felt "closure."

The veteran actor was one of many Star Trek alums who took part in Trek Talks 3, an annual charity event that's held in support of the Hollywood Food Coalition. It was during his interview that Jones shared that he had a chance to check out the final scene of Discovery. He explained just how he got the opportunity to see the footage, saying:

When I went back in to do my ADR voice looping for that final episode to clean up the dialogue and all, that we do for every episode, I asked the people in the booth, ‘Can you please play the entire epilogue for me so I can see how we end?’ And by the time it was done, I was doing this: wiping tears. I feel closure. That was great… It's gonna be gorgeous.

Personally, I'm very eager to see the final chapter of the series (which is on the schedule of upcoming Trek series). So I love hearing that Doug Jones teared up watching the epilogue. I would expect nothing less from someone who has been on the show since 2017 and has been one of the biggest cheerleaders for the franchise's new era. Had he done anything other than cry, I honestly would've been very worried.

Star Trek: Discovery’s Doug Jones Seemingly Confirms Season 5 Is Going Where He And Fans Want

Saru starting in awe on Star Trek: Discovery on Paramount+
Saru starting in awe on Star Trek: Discovery on Paramount+

I'm glad this is likely happening.

The epilogue for Star Trek: Discovery was filmed after Season 5's completion so that the long-running series could have an ending that tied all of its storylines together. It's been revealed that Season 5 will have a different vibe compared to its predecessors and looks to be a little more action-heavy. I wouldn't imagine the epilogue will feature many explosive moments but rather some answers to questions regarding what comes next for many of the series' core characters.

One major plot thread that remains unresolved right now has to do with the mystery surrounding the Short Treks episode "Calypso." The short follows a space traveler who locates the Discovery ship in space, but none of the crew are present at the time. According to the ship's AI Zora, no one had been on board for a thousand years.

CinemaBlend learned that Calypso would be addressed in Season 5, before it was officially revealed Star Trek: Discovery was canceled. I'm, of course, unsure whether or not such clarity will be provided in the epilogue and that we'll learn what happened to the ship that caused it to be separated from the rest of the crew. At this point, I'd sooner just want assurance there will be ways for the cast to return in the chance that future Trek shows available with a Paramount+ subscription are made. But, before I get too ahead of myself, I'll just take a moment to appreciate Doug Jones' sweet comments, which suggest that fans are in store for something special.

We'll get to see how Star Trek: Discovery ends soon enough, as Season 5 premieres on Paramount+ in April. Also, be sure to look over the 2024 TV schedule for information on other shows that are set to return or debut throughout the year.