‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Cast Shares Their Ideas on Surviving, Dying, and Pranking in the Zombie Apocalypse

When Fear the Walking Dead cast members Lorenzo James Henrie, Cliff Curtis, Colman Domingo, and Mercedes Mason stopped by the Yahoo TV studio at San Diego Comic-Con, they shared their ideas on how to best survive life among the zombies. Or not.

“Now that I’ve seen as many walkers as we’ve seen, and you see how horrible the world would become, I think I would just do myself in,” Mason says. “I went from, ‘I would totally survive, it’s no big deal’ to ‘I don’t wanna survive, this is terrible.’”

“What’s the point?” co-signs Domingo.

As for how they’d like to die if that comes up in the storyline, Curtis says he’s pitched an idea to both showrunner Dave Erickson and series creator Robert Kirkman that he wants to keep under wraps in case they decide to use it.

Mason, however, was willing to share her preferred method of apocalyptic doom: if her Ofelia is going to bite the dust, she wants it to happen by biting a grenade.

“At least I’d ruin everyone’s day with my brain matter,” she explains.

And before she goes, there’s another big item on her gruesome wish list.

“I wanna go Full Metal Jacket, I want soap bars in a sock, and I wanna beat zombies to death,” she says.

Anyone else think Mason might need some time with happy, cookie-baking Cardigan Carol from her sister Walking Dead series?

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Meanwhile, inspired by Norman Reedus’s instant classic glitter-in the-car AC prank on TWD castmate Andy Lincoln, the FTWD-ers also shared their thoughts on pranking, and once again, it was Mason who had a grand idea all ready to go.

“You just put a piece of fish on [the car] engine block,” Mason says, unspooling an idea that leads Domingo to call her Satan. “It won’t actually ruin the car, but the heat of the engine will sort of cook the fish, so forever, you’ll have the smell of fish in the car. That’s what you do when you want to be a little bit cruel. Glitter is amazing!”

Domingo had an idea, too, and it involves buying cow poo on the Interwebs and having it mailed to your prank victim.

P.S. He’s right, buying cow poo online is a thing.

One important note for anyone thinking of pulling a prank on the FTWD cast: you may want to skip Henrie, who wasn’t so impressed with the AC glitter bomb. “I would take some kneecaps out,” he said.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 returns Aug. 21 at 9 p.m. on AMC.