FCC will host its first-ever student film festival

May 8—The Frederick Community College Film and Video Production program will hold its first-ever Student Film Festival, where audience members will have the chance to view original short films and animations created by FCC students.

The festival will start at 6 p.m. May 16 in the Jack B. Kussmaul Theater, located in the Visual & Performing Arts Building. The event is expected to last about 2.5 hours and is free and open for all to attend.

"It's very exciting to be hosting this event on behalf of our creative students to provide the opportunity for the entire Frederick community to enjoy their work," said Jason Santelli, FCC film and video production program manager. "It's my hope that showing their projects on the big screen will inspire our students to create and achieve beyond the classroom, and show the community the value of our Film & Video Production program."

The festival will showcase between 13 and 15 short films and animations, each ranging in length from 8 seconds to 48 minutes. Not all films and animations may be suitable for young audiences. An event schedule can be found on the FCC Student Film Festival webpage, which provides a rating for each film and animation.

Here are some films and animations that will be screened.

"Red Creature on the Dark Path" — PG

Animation created using only photographs based on an original poem.

"Write That Down!" — PG-13

Two siblings run into conflict when they both applied for the same job, realizing their differences might divide them more than they thought.

"The Dreams" — R

Francis is a troubled man who suffers from reoccurring PTSD flashbacks of his wife, or what he calls "The Dreams," becoming distracted and unable to focus. He then meets Nicole Strauss, a therapist who specializes in 'Dream' management, and the two work together to treat his ailment. As Francis works with Strauss, we learn that ending the Dreams isn't his true goal.

While the event is free, tickets are required for admission and can be reserved on event's tickets page.

More information on the FCC Film and Video Production program is available on the FCC website.