FBI: Most Wanted Revisited An Old Grudge For Remy, And The Fallout Could Get Ugly

 Dylan McDermott as Remy Scott in FBI Most Wanted Season 4
Dylan McDermott as Remy Scott in FBI Most Wanted Season 4

Spoilers ahead for Episode 11 of FBI: Most Wanted Season 4, called “Crypto Wars.”

FBI: Most Wanted is never the most cheerful show in primetime, so perhaps Remy’s heartwarming moment with his sister Claire in the first few minutes of “Crypto Wars” should have been a clue that his life would be all but turned upside down by the time the final credits rolled. After closing a case involving explosions, kidnapping, murder, and one son who helped save his dad (and the day), Remy had to revisit his grudge against the man who killed his brother years ago, which he initially revealed back in his very first episode. Based on how the scene went down, it’s hard to imagine that the fallout won’t be bad.

Remy and Claire’s first scene had them clearing out their mom’s house for the new buyers, and sharing a few moments to reminisce about their late brother. As she established that she still misses Mikey every day, Remy suggested that they go see a Mets game for his birthday. In what ultimately turned out to be a bit of foreshadowing, the siblings even shared a nice moment about how he always has her back.

Cut to about 55 minutes later in the CBS broadcast, and Remy was definitely not having his sister’s back in the decision she made about Mikey’s killer! Claire visited Remy’s apartment and dropped off a box of Mikey’s things, and also dropped the news that the surviving members of the Scott family had gotten a letter from the Florida Commission on Offender Review.

It turns out that the man who killed their brother has cancer and is up for conditional medical release, and there’s a hearing coming up in Tallahassee about it. Remy didn’t waste a moment in making his feelings on the matter clear to his sister:

I don’t care what he has. He killed our brother. Stabbed him three times for eighteen bucks. He’s not getting out. No way. Over my dead body.

To his (and honestly, also my) surprise, Claire disagreed, saying that the killer “paid his debt” after spending 25 years behind bars, and she doesn’t want to relive the nightmare of what happened by going to the hearing in Florida. She doesn’t want to oppose the conditional medical release and just wants the family (and Mikey) to have peace.

Her speech definitely didn’t convince Remy, who tore up the letter and announced that he was going to Florida. Based on how he stormed away from his sister, it looked like he was going to Florida as soon as physically possible. Between the emotional stress of his brother’s killer potentially getting out of prison and the fight with his sister, it seems like the storyline just can’t be done.

Then again, FBI: Most Wanted is a procedural show that doesn’t always carry characters’ storylines from week to week, with notable exceptions like the agents processing Jess’ tragic death and Kenny’s surprise departure, both back in Season 3. It’s possible that viewers won’t see the aftermath, or even hear about it until the next Remy-centric episode.

Besides, the letter revealed that the hearing in Florida is in a week, and FBI: Most Wanted isn’t on the CBS schedule for next week. If the show keeps with real time, then the hearing likely will have already happened by the time of Episode 12. Still, I can’t help but feel that some ugly fallout is on the way, which would be bad news for Remy but exciting news for fans who want to see the show dig into his character a little bit more. Most Wanted has shed light on his background bit by bit, going back to his first weeks with the team; hopefully that will continue.

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