‘FBI: International’: Luke Kleintank Teases Dangerous Season 1 Finale, Shares Update On Tank

EXCLUSIVE: CBSFBI: International is gearing up for an explosive Season 1 finale on May 24, and series star Luke Kleintank is teasing what’s ahead.

Luke Kleintank as Special Agent Scott Forrester - Credit: CBS
Luke Kleintank as Special Agent Scott Forrester - Credit: CBS


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Deadline has two exclusive photos of Kleintank as FBI Supervisory Special Agent Scott Forrester from the finale titled “Crestfallen” where he’s lost in thought and injured.

In the episode, Forrester collaborates with a Russian spy bringing the former bodily injury and his team confusion as to what’s really going on. Why is Forrester working with the spy? Is there a past connection?

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“There’s history in the sense of connected history. He’s a huge asset for him and his family so he’s protecting him but gets involved in a major car accident,” Kleintank tells Deadline on Friday. “They’re on the run in Croatia and a lot of crazy things are happening around them—lots of action. They get hurt along the way and they’re trying to survive.”

The spy is played by veteran actor Alon Aboutboul, who recently concluded a five-season commitment on FX’s hit series Snowfall as the eccentric drug lord, Avi Drexler. Casting someone of Aboutboul’s caliber is rarely a one-shot deal.

“Absolutely,” Kleintank teased when asked if Aboutboul will stick around beyond the finale. “Everyone loves him a lot. He’s just a genuine person and a free spirit. He’s been in the industry for years. With our characters, you can expect a lot of intensity.”

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With the episode titled “Crestfallen,” could it reference Forrester someone being the disappointed party?

“That’s hard. I can’t say too much on that or I’ll give away. It does in a lot of ways to where he ends up—he is very crestfallen,” he said.

Forrester’s relationship with Kellett (Heida Reed) has had its ups and down in Season 1 and fans should not expect anything major on that front in the finale.

“No, you’re not going to see more on that in the finale. The episode is action-packed and we’re bringing back a lot of people from prior episodes,” he shared. “We’ll be revisiting a lot of what we’ve set up in prior episodes so the relationship is put to the side for now.”

He continued, “Their relationship is constantly evolving. They love each other but they’re kind of on this rocky road for the moment.”

Green stars as the Fly Team’s beloved pooch, Tank - Credit: Katalin Vermes/CBS
Green stars as the Fly Team’s beloved pooch, Tank - Credit: Katalin Vermes/CBS

Katalin Vermes/CBS

While fans will see some familiar faces—including the return of Forrester’s mom played by Elizabeth Mitchell—one adorable mug that won’t be around this time is Tank, Forrester’s loyal giant schnauzer who has mostly been MIA this season.

“Tank’s always there, he’s not going anywhere. He’s at the office busy doing paperwork,” Kleintank shared with a laugh. “Sometimes he pops in and helps us solve crimes. He’s really a sweetheart. A lot of times with animals, it can be a little hard. We’re writing as much as we can for him. He’s part of the Fly Team so he’s not going anywhere.”

He added, “[Tank] was retired for a second but he’s working his back. He’s an old guy but he’ll come out of retirement.”

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