FaZe Clan Creates Panic at Fortnite World Cup In NYC

For those who doubt the power of pro gamers in today's culture ... just check out the massive crowd that gathered when a call to arms was made by the pro gaming team, FaZe Clan.

The mass of fans gathered Friday in NYC outside Stadium Goods sneaker shop. FaZe owner, Banks, had told fans to come in droves for the biggest meet-and-greet they've ever done.

The event was held in connection with the Fortnite World Cup, which is going down this weekend.

According to video at the scene, the crowd was chanting "Banks" in unison until the FaZe Clan leader appeared and pumped up the crowd.

Only problem is that nearby onlookers were so confused and scared about the giant crowd of kids ... they called 911.

NYPD officials tell The Blast a 911 call came in around 1 PM from a person who "did not feel safe in the area," due to the gathering.

According to emergency audio, obtained by The Blast, the caller noted a large crowd of people were outside yelling at a celebrity inside the store.

Emergency Audio

We're told the witness claimed the gaming fans were "loud and disorderly," and wanted police assistance.

Cops arrived shortly after, however we're told there were no arrests or citations given out ... mainly because the situation was handled and nobody was out of control.

Fortnite World Cup

The Fortnite World Cup, which takes place at Arthur Ashe Stadium, is also boasting a $30 million prize pool.

It's a huge step for pro gamers, who are finally scoring legitimate prizes and venues for competitions.

FaZe Banks also understands how monumental the event is, telling fans, "This weekend 6 of my FaZe children will be competing in the Fortnite World Cup for $30,000,000 dollars. Yep that’s right 30 fkn M’s baby. PLAYING VIDEO GAMES! Hahaha you guys called me crazy 8 years ago, but how much crazier is that?"

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