Favorite Soap Opera Moments of the Week: May 6 – May 10, 2024

Favorite Moments of the Week.
Favorite Moments of the Week.
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Soap Hub rolls out its very first favorite moments of the week in soaps featuring Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, The Young and the Restless, and The Bold and the Beautiful. The week of May 6 – May 10 featured dramatic conversations, confrontations, and verbal takedowns mixed in with crazy Sheila Carter-sized shenanigans. Her victim? Dr. Li Finnegan.

Favorite Moments Of The Week

The Young and the Restless
Favorite Moments: Diane (Susan Walters) Doesn’t Let Jack (Peter Bergman) Off the Hook & Diane Reminds Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) of Their Shared Psychopath Pasts

Jack’s Hail Mary to save Nikki from making a home in rock bottom city involved him calling up his old dealer and downing pills with vodka. In return, he passed out and almost OD’d. Nikki had to call for help, and that panic provided just the wake-up call she needed to check into rehab.

Diane: You put Nikki Newman’s sobriety above your own. And you might think that what you did was so courageous and so noble. But, you know what? I think it was incredibly selfish.

Jack didn’t just have to face Victor’s wrath in the aftermath of that night from hell. What blindsided him the most was Diane’s reaction. His wife unleashed a world of vitriol at him. And rightly so.

Jack: I had things under control!
Diane: Until you didn’t.

She couldn’t believe he would risk everything he had built up with Diane and their life to go to that drastic a place with someone who wasn’t his family. Still, it was surprising when she told him that she needed time and, more importantly, space. Jack and Diane’s confrontations that took place on Monday, May 6, and Thursday, May 9, were riveting. But Susan Walters’ stellar week didn’t end there.

On Friday, May 10, Diane sat at Crimson Lights, trying to work. But she still felt the effects of her arguments with Jack and Kyle. Suddenly, Phyllis sat at her table for a convening of Harrison’s grandmothers. This conversation about crazy Claire yielded one of the week’s best exchanges on any soap, courtesy of Diane when the self-aware CEO called out Phyllis’ hypocrisy.

Phyllis: This girl could be a psycho for all we know.

Diane: Oh my God, Phyllis! Do you hear these words coming out of your mouth? You and I have both been seen as psychos at different point of our lives. Yes we have. So all this finger-pointing is not a good look.

Days of Our Lives
Favorite Moment: Chanel (Raven Bowens) Calls Paulina (Jackée Harry) Out (Check out what’s ahead on DAYS for the next two weeks)

The DAYS moment of the week (from Friday, May 10) was beyond satisfying. And it all had to do with Paulina’s radioactive save of her daughter. Unfortunately, due to Chanel’s pregnancy, Johnny (Carson Boatman) and Chanel may feel the effects of Paulina’s idiotic rescue and commandeering of a snowplow for a long time to come.

Sure, she tried to avoid her mom on Mother’s Day by telling her she didn’t feel well. But when Paulina stormed her way into the DiMera manse trying to care for her daughter, Chanel didn’t hold back. Her resentments bubbled over, and she let loose on Paulina. Hallelujah!

Mama, I love you, but there is no way that you are gonna turn what’s happening to me right now into your own personal tragedy.

Chanel begged her mom for some space. So that she and Johnny can properly process what they’re going through. Seeing that people aren’t excusing Paulina for her poor decision to leave radioactive isolation was nice. Hopefully, Chanel’s diatribe was cathartic, not just for her but for viewers, too. Those of us at Soap Hub rejoiced. That’s for sure.

The Bold and the Beautiful
Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) Taunts Li (Naomi Matsuda) Two Ways: Under the Sheet and To Her Face (Check out B&B’s latest Comings & Goings here)

Sheila Carter took her “resurrected” self to the hospital this week on B&B because she still felt the effects of her Sugar captivity. When she visited the emergency room on Thursday, May 9, she specifically requested Dr. Li Finnegan treat her. Then Sheila proceeded to have fun at the doctor’s expense.

First, she deliciously taunted Li from under the sheets, refusing to show herself. Second, she gave Li one clue to the person’s identity under the sheet: Her foot with the missing toe.

Li couldn’t believe what she saw. She demanded that the mystery person remove the sheet and once Sheila did, the doctor freaked the you-know-what out. And it stayed that way as Sheila took so much pleasure telling her nemesis, Finn’s adopted mom, that Finn (Tanner Novlan) saved her. That Finn wanted a relationship with her. And that Finn loves her.

Sheila: He’s happy to have me back in his life and he never wants to be apart from me again.

Li’s reaction to Sheila’s truth-telling was the exact opposite of “do no harm.” On Friday, May 10, well, let’s just say she went a bit nuclear and not only attacked Sheila, she threatened to kill her. It was just the reaction Sheila was hoping for.

General Hospital
Jordan (Tanisha Harper) Drops a Few Truths on Laura (Genie Francis)

And, finally, this wasn’t a particularly flashy moment on GH. But anybody who presents the other side of Laura supporting Heather Webber (Alley Mills) is good in our book. On Thursday, May 9, Jordan stepped up to the plate. Laura’s deputy mayor brought up what Heather did to Trina (Tabyana Ali) and the effects her crimes have had on the citizens of Port Charles. (Check out the GH Weekly Update that reviews and previews here)

And she did it all for Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) — someone who certainly didn’t need defending, protecting, or even thinking about, really. On top of all of that, Laura is the MAYOR OF PORT CHARLES. The optics are beyond horrible. At the very least, Jordan felt that Laura could farm this out to a third-party lawyer and then practice the finer points of out of sight and out of mind. But Laura inexplicably wants to help Heather while her son sits in jail with almost nobody on his side trying to do anything to get him out.

Do not go near this. Don’t challenge the convictions that Heather Webber so clearly deserved.

Go, Jordan.

What were your favorite moments of last week? Let us know in the comments!

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