Father Of Infant Who Died From Severe Brain Injury ‘Heartbroken’ Over Not Getting To See His Son Grow Up

Steven and Elke’s infant son, Lucas, died in May 2020 at age 3 months, after suffering what the coroner determined to be a subdural hematoma caused by a severe brain injury consistent with shaken baby syndrome. Steven says he is the subject of an investigation into Lucas’s death, which was ruled a homicide. “I’m still grieving over Lucas,” says Steven, describing his son as an “easy” baby. “I’m definitely heartbroken not being able to see him grow up.” Both Steven and Elke adamantly deny hurting their child. Each insists the other would not have harmed their son. Does the couple say there was anyone else who had access to Lucas ? The conclusion of this two-part Dr. Phil, “’Who Killed Baby Lucas?’,” airs Friday. Check your local listing to find out where you can watch. WATCH: Parents Who Lost Infant Son To Traumatic Brain Injury Have Mixed Emotions About Expecting Again TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY:Have a story in the news?