The Fatal Attraction teaser is not going to be ignored, Dan

Lizzy Caplan and Joshua Jackson
Lizzy Caplan and Joshua Jackson

Adultery is back, baby, and this time it’s an eight-episode TV series.

On the heels of the already-canceled American Gigolo show, Paramount+ hopes audiences will find more to enjoy with an update of fellow ‘80s erotic thriller Fatal Attraction. In the first teaser for the TV remake of Adrian Lyne’s bunny-boiling hit, Joshua Jackson and Lizzy Caplan return to the shoulder-pad having ‘80s for a bit of love in an elevator.

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Fatal Attraction | Teaser Trailer | Paramount+

The most surprising thing about the teaser for Fatal Attraction is how reverential the series is to the original. Michael Douglas has one of the most unique, slime-ball visages in cinema, and Jackson, armed with nothing but a grey suit and slicked-back mane, hews closely to Douglas’ look and performance. The same could be said for Caplan, who with her curly hair evokes Glenn Close. Maybe they just really nailed the wigs.

Fatal Attraction was a monster hit in 1987. Believe it or not, before Disney was the only movie studio in town, movies like Fatal Attraction became the second highest-grossing movie of its years. It sat right behind 3 Men And A Baby and ahead of Beverly Hills Cop II, Good Morning Vietnam, and Moonstruck. This used to be a proper country, as the meme states.

Paramount’s Fatal Attraction certainly has the illicit rendezvous and “what-will-people-say” energy down. The teaser finally normalizes elevator button play, which has been sorely lacking in America’s sexual discourse. Whether pulled or pushed, elevator buttons are satisfying triggers that really up the sexual tension of Fatal Attraction. All that’s to say, there isn’t a ton in this teaser: No boiled bunnies, no Toby Huss or Amanda Peet (who star on the show), and no mention of Jackson’s family. It’s all locations and kissing, which is kind of all we need for this show to work.

Fatal Attraction, the series, starts streaming just in time for Mother’s Day. The first episode drops on April 30, with new episodes hitting Paramount+ Sundays.

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