Fat Joe Says He Is Retiring, 'I'm Like 85% Gone'

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Fat Joe, real name Joseph Antonio Cartagena, is preparing for the release of his new album "Family Ties" on December 6 but unfortunately, it may be the last one ever for the iconic rapper.

Joe appeared on CBS "This Morning" on Monday to promote his latest project with Dre from Cool & Dre where he revealed that he is thinking about hanging his mic up for good.

"I'm almost out of here," Fat Joe told CBS host Vladimir Duthiers, "I think I'm retiring. I think it's time to give it up."

When he was questioned if he was for real and not just playing with the fans and the media he responded that he does not play around when it comes to those types of things.

"I've got mad at all the other rappers who said that they're retiring and they came back. I'm a strong advocate against that so I'm really... I've been flirting with it. I'm like 85% gone."


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Why Would He Retire?

All things must come to an end and Cartagena said he wants to spend more time with his family and his children.

"I've never felt like this in my life," the rapper continued, "you know, my daughter's turning 14, I really want to watch my daughter. I really want to take her to school every day."

He continued to explain that his daughter, Azariah is at a crucial point in her life and Joe wants to make sure that she has a strong father figure nearby.

"Little girls 13 or 14 are very impressionable right now and I want to make sure every time she looks around her dad is there when she looks around and I'm there for her."

He Still Needs To Make Money

The artist joked with Duthiers that even though he may never make another album or single, he would still be working on other projects.

"I'll go broke if I don't tour," Joe said while laughing.

The star said that he just sold a movie to Warner Bros., that he is working on TV series and loved doing projects with comedians like Kevin Hart and Rob Riggle.

"I learned so much from those guys, it was an incredible opportunity," he said. "The opened up a pandora's box and I love it."

Fat Joe Credits Son With Autism For All His 'Blessings'

The CBS host asked Fat Joe about his sweet birthday message he shared on his Instagram for his son Joey's birthday last year. The rapper appeared to get a little emotional over his kid that was born with autism.

"I feel like all my blessings came from Joey. His moms was like yo, I can't do this, I'm ready to give him up for adoption so I raised him with my mother and father and he's the happiest kid in the world." He continued, "I really truly believe he's our blessing."

He shared the first picture of Joey in December of 2018 and said that he was previously afraid to do so because "people can be cruel."

"Imagine being a kid yourself and you are told that your first born has Autism. I was devastated to say the least , i was afraid asking God why is this happening to me." the rapper wrote in the caption of his post.

I never wanted to post or show pics of Joey because people can be cruel, but i learned to share my life experiences with my people so that you know you’re not alone. Happy bday my son, i love you and my kids till my last breath."

Cartagena went as far as to say that Joey's spirit and happiness have kept his parents alive.

"i knew for certain i nor my family would ever give up on JOEY, no matter how difficult life is or may become never give up on your family. Joey is and has always been a million times happier than me, he brings us joy and i believe he has kept my parents alive. they never want to leave his side."