'Fast X' Trailer 1

Watch the first trailer for the latest entry in the 'The Fast Saga'

Video Transcript


- I know that this road has been very hard. And yet, here you are, building this magnificent family.

- What's going on in that head of yours?

- Something little B said. He said, dad, you're not afraid of anything, but I am. I'm afraid of losing someone I love.

- Dominic Toretto, you're about to learn all about fear. Boom. You built such a beautiful life, filled with love and family.

I never got that chance. You stole that from me my future, my family. And now I'm going to break yours piece by piece.

(SINGING) Let's ride. Let's ride. Let's ride.

- He's coming for you with everything.

- Brian!

- What's the plan, Dom?

- I'm not sure anymore.

- One of us might not come back from this. But we have to fight.


- Never accept death when suffering is owed.

- Incoming.

(SINGING) Let's ride. Armed and dangerous. Ain't too many can bang with us. Label us notorious.

- It's a setup.

- He's trying to tear us apart.

(RAPPING) our situation is a tight one. What you going to do? Fight or run?

- Winning used to be about winning. We raced for respect. Today, I race to stop the bloodbath.

- That's the problem with having such a big family. How do you choose the ones you save?

- Let's race.

(RAPPING) Armed and dangerous. Ain't too many can bang with us. Label us notorious.

- You still know how to drive?

- What do you think?

(SINGING) Let's ride. Let's ride.

- It's show time.

- Here we go.

- Gang recognizes gang.

(RAPPING) Armed and dangerous.

- Dad, no!

- I'm coming for you, son.

(SINGING) Let's ride. Let's ride. Let's ride.

- Here they come.

- You will never be able to break my family.

- Dom!

(SINGING) Let's ride.

- Good morning, sunshine.

- You got to be kidding me.