Fast-Forward Through 5 Decades of Cher

·Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

Photos: Getty Images/GIF by Paul A. Rosales

If Cher could turn back time, as she sings in one of her most famous songs, she’d see some very different — sometimes outrageous — looks. The singer and actress, who turns 70 on May 20, has never kept the same appearance long over her five-decade career, thanks to her many hairstyles, hair colors, hats, and elaborate headpieces — which completed the often racy Bob Mackie costumes that she wore for years — and, of course, her admitted enhancements.

“When you think you look beautiful, you come out with a kind of glow and a confidence, so it’s a tool,” Cher said of her style in a February interview for Paper magazine. “So even though [fashion] is a small thing, and it’s kind of a frivolous thing, it helps you feel better about yourself. Life is tough, and to add something that makes you feel better about yourself is only a good thing."

She added, "You should never be inhibited by what people expect you to do."

For Cher, that’s never been a problem.