Farrah Abraham Flashed Everyone Again With a Fake Wardrobe Malfunction

Farrah Abraham's vagina has been caught on camera so many times it may have to register for it's own SAG card.

The former "Teen Mom" star attended the Venice Film Festival on Thursday night at Sala Grande in Venice, Italy for the red carpet premiere of Brad Pitt's new movie, "Ad Astra."

Farrah looked great in a low cut floral dress, with a very, very high slit. In fact, the slit was so high that the reality star brushed it to the side and casually exposed herself to the entire press line.

It's par for the course for the "Backdoor Teen Mom" adult video star, who pretty much did the same exact thing last year during the Cannes Film festival.

In 2018 she was attending a fashion show, and coordinated a shot with a photographer so that she could jump out onto the runway and give everyone a show.

Farrah clearly enjoyed her second go-round at exposing herself on the red carpet, and took to Instagram afterwards to reflect on the special moment.

"Your going to love #adastra ! Great movie for father’s & Sons, those who enjoy #nasa space and the purpose of living life to its fullest. As an actress, writer, producer , Director I enjoyed it! Might be best this festival."

"Ad Astra" is getting great reviews, but we're pretty sure the "fathers and sons" were staring at something else during the screening.

Farrah's vagina was not the only star to attend the event, as actual celebrities were there, including Pitt and Liv Tyler.