Fareed Zakaria To Conan: Donald Trump Has Taken Over Media

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Fareed Zakaria visited Conan to talk about Donald Trump’s media domination.

Conan noted New York Times‘ report that Trump treats each day of his presidency as if it were a television show.

“Completely believable,” the CNN show host responded. “When have you seen a president who will say something like ‘I may have taped my conversations with Jim Comey – I’ll let you know in a few weeks!’ He’s literally teasing the next episode.”

“He’s winning; he’s dominating the news cycle like nobody we’ve ever seen,” Zakaria marveled.

If it’s a slow news week “you can almost feel the anxiety building for him; he’s got to be back in the news cycle,” he observed.

It’s not a good situation, Zakaria insisted, because, “as President, you can always get news. You can start a war, you’ll get news.”

Earlier in the show, Conan noted Trump’s handling of his presidency as a TV series makes perfect sense.

“With his low ratings, people are wondering why he hasn’t been canceled yet.”

Speaking of dominating the news cycle, over the weekend, Trump went to Mississippi to speak at the Civil Rights Museum, and called civil rights “big, big stuff,” Conan said. “To be fair, Trump was just paraphrasing Dr. King’s famous speech, ‘I Have A Thing’.”

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