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Does Jon Gosselin have full custody of daughter Hannah? Inquiring fans want to know

Over the past few weeks, former reality TV star Jon Gosselin has shared photo after photo of his daughter Hannah: her sharing a birthday breakfast with her dad and the two of them going for ice cream, posing with their hamster, Taco, and “road tripping!!!” over Memorial Day weekend.

Happy Tuesday!!! Hannah and Taco!!!

A post shared by Jon Gosselin (@jongosselin1) on May 22, 2018 at 5:51pm PDT

I scream! You scream! We all scream for !!! Happy Thursday!!!

A post shared by Jon Gosselin (@jongosselin1) on May 24, 2018 at 4:42pm PDT

Road tripping!!!

A post shared by Jon Gosselin (@jongosselin1) on May 26, 2018 at 6:47am PDT

Fans have commented that they’re loving the photos, but they’re also asking why none of Gosselin’s seven other children with ex-wife Kate Gosselin — five of whom, along with Hannah, are sextuplets — is there.

Anna_diehl4711: Why do you only take pictures with Hannah? What about the other kids? @jongosselin1

momof2girlshg: Why doesn’t @jongosselin1 set it straight? Why just Hannah? Neither parent did things perfectly…but I do think Jon should see his kids and know about his son Collin. I loved the show but Kate wasn’t doing right with the kids. They should’ve been taken from her.

osenrothcourtney: Very strange posts. I think everyone wants to know if Hannah is living with you

keepingupwitholga: @jenninva1 who says he doesn’t see them all?

hln_t_rIs: Hannah living with you now? @jongosselin1 . I’m glad to see you happy and with atleast one of your kids!

jenninva1: Why just Hannah? Sad for you..uou deserve to see them all

coconut846: Why just Hannah?

There have been exceptions. On May 12, he posted a snapshot featuring son Collin, as well as Hannah, alongside a belated birthday cake. Collin is rarely seen, because he lives full-time at a school for children with special needs.

Glad I could celebrate my son Collin’s 14th birthday with him and his sister!

A post shared by Jon Gosselin (@jongosselin1) on May 12, 2018 at 3:00pm PDT

The Gosselins’ other children also popped up on Jon’s feed on May 10, the sextuplets’ 14th birthday. The difference is that the photo shared was a throwback, something that did not go unnoticed.

Gosselin did not immediately respond to Yahoo Entertainment’s request for comment. However, he has said in the past that he shares time with the kids who come to his house. He and Kate famously split in 2009, beginning a long fight over custody of their children and putting an end to their popular joint show. (His ex-wife continued the show as simply Kate Plus 8.)

By the time Jon spoke with Yahoo in 2016, he candidly discussed his custody arrangement and why he saw some of his kids more often than others.

“If the kids want to come, they come,” Gosselin said. “I love them all, but I am going to focus on the ones that want to come. My hands are tied.”

Gosselin’s two older daughters, 17-year-old twins Mady and Cara, told People in August 2016 that they no longer had any kind of relationship with their father.

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