Fans Are Unhappy About So Help Me Todd’s Cancellation. Now, There’s Even A Campaign

 Todd and Joan in So Help Me Todd.
Todd and Joan in So Help Me Todd.
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The list of shows canceled or ending in 2024 seems to be never-ending, and CBS’ So Help Me Todd was just added. Yep, that's right, sadly, the sophomore legal dramedy starring Marcia Gay Harden and Skylar Astin was given the ax. And it's safe to say that fans are bummed about So Help Me Todd’s cancellation, so bummed in fact that they are already trying to save it.

Starting on the day of the cancellation, a petition was created in an effort to save the series. “Save So Help Me Todd on CBS” has just over 5,000 signatures at the time of this writing, and it wouldn’t be surprising if that number were to jump even higher in the coming days, especially as the finale inches closer. Considering CBS pulled a reverse cancellation on S.W.A.T. twice in less than a year, it’s always possible they will do the same for So Help Me Todd, especially if enough people voice their support for the save.

So Help Me Todd premiered in September 2022 and people love it, our own Adrienne Jones wrote that it might even be better than Emmy-winning Ted Lasso. While CBS did renew a large chunk of its spring 2024 lineup, sadly So Help Me Todd got the short end of the stick. Luckily, fans aren’t going down without a fight, and as it's been proven multiple times, viewers speaking up like this can save shows.

How To Stream So Help Me Todd

skylar astin and marcia gay harden in so help me todd
skylar astin and marcia gay harden in so help me todd

You can go back and stream every episode of So Help Me Todd with a Paramount+ subscription

Fan campaigns can go a long way, and you never know what could happen. If not for the fans, their petitions, and their dedication, shows like Manifest, Lucifer, Timeless, and more would not have been given a second chance. Very recently, Warrior Nun was canceled, but fans were quick to try and save the Netflix series, and they were successful. It was revealed last August that Warrior Nun is coming back in the form of a film trilogy, which will surely be exciting to see.

Meanwhile, with So Help Me Todd canceled, what could possibly replace it on the primetime schedule next season? Assuming freshman series Elsbeth stays on Thursdays for Season 2, it wouldn’t be so bad to move it up an hour. However, there are also two new sitcoms joining CBS next season -- the Georgie and Mandy Young Sheldon spinoff and long-awaited Poppa’s House with Damon Wayans Sr. and Damon Wayans Jr. Speaking of new, Kathy Bates’ Matlock reboot will also finally be coming to CBS, and replacing a legal series with another one might just be the perfect fit.

It will be sad to not see So Help Me Todd on the 2024 TV schedule later this year, but again, it’s always a possibility that it will be saved, either by CBS, another network or a streamer. Fans should prepare themselves to say goodbye to Todd, Margaret, and co. for now though, because, the Season 2 finale that will air on CBS on Thursday, May 16 at 9 p.m. ET will also serve as the series finale.