Fans are torn over Meryl Streep's character on 'Big Little Lies'

Hard to believe, and tough to accept, but season two of Big Little Lies is already almost over. During the penultimate episode Sunday night, Celeste found herself on the witness stand in court, against her mother-in-law Mary Louise, who is trying to gain custody of Celeste and Perry's children. In case you haven't been paying attention, all season, Mary Louise has just been a major pain in the butt. From refusing to accept the fact that her son was a rapist and an abusive husband, to awkwardly side-eyeing and judging every last person in Monterey. The character is despicable, and we honestly can't wait for her to go away. However, we absolutely love Meryl Streep. So we're torn, and Sunday night was no exception. The general consensus on Twitter is that we all despise Mary Louise, but we're totally here for Streep. So, after Celeste was grilled and shamed by Mary Louise's lawyer in court, when Celeste requested that Mary Louise be put on the stand as well, you could imagine how hyped the viewers got for next week's season finale. May the best woman win.