Fans Are In Stitches Over Jennifer Garner's Unhinged Video Washing Her Cat

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Jennifer Garner

Fans can always count on Jennifer Garner's social media content to give them a laugh.

In honor of National Pet Day on Thursday, Apr. 11, the Family Switch star took to Instagram to share one of her favorite moments with her cat, Moose, during a very eventful bath time session.

In the priceless video, Garner, 51, is seen trying to wash Moose in her laundry room sink, after the cat "pooped his pants," as the actress put it.

To clean off the cat's behind, Garner had to get him all scrubbed and rinsed—but it's safe to say Moose was not feeling it.

Instead, the feline did everything it could to escape the water, wrapping its claws around Garner's back and trying to jump out of the sink. At one point, he even clawed at the Alias star's neck, leaving a bloody open wound.

"I deserve it. I don't blame him," she joked about the scratch mark.

But nevertheless, Garner seemed to be having fun with the whole thing, laughing while the cat squirmed in her arms. She eventually had someone assist her in getting the cat's claws detached from her skin once he was all rinsed and ready to be dried.

"I'll never forget this as long as I live," Garner said at the end of the video, while cleaning up all of the water that splashed on the floor as a result of the chaotic bath session.

"A Moose favorite for #NationalPetDay," she captioned her post, while quipping, "I love my cat. 😻."

"😹😹😹😹 oh gosh I needed this!!! 🙏🙏🙏" one of her fans commented on the post, while another person branded the video as "hilarious."

"You are a brave woman!" another follower applauded in the comments, adding, "Glad Moose is nice and clean."

"The world does not deserve Jennifer 🙌 preserve her at all costs ❤️," someone else chimed in.

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