Fans React to Drake's "Skatin' Through This Album Like a Montreal Canadien" Line on 'Her Loss'

Image via Getty
Image via Getty

What’s a Drake album without at least one reference to something Canadian? On his latest joint effort with 21 Savage, Her Loss, Drake shouts out the Montreal Canadiens on “More M’s,” rapping “Skatin’ through this album like a Montreal Canadien.”

As expected, Canadians and Canadiens fans couldn’t help themselves but post about the hockey reference on social media.

Some saw it as an opportunity to post NBA players rocking Canadiens gear.


MuchMusic and TSN’s Instagram pages took time to collab on a post showing Drake in an NHL jersey along with the lyrics right below.

Along with the jokes came a valid question: whose skating from the Habs is Drake trying to emulate?

Even if the Montreal Canadiens aren’t expected to be Stanley Cup contenders, being the sole Canadian reference on a Drake album isn’t all that bad. A day later, the official team Twitter page acknowledged the name drop.

Drake and 21 Savage dropped Her Loss Friday. The 16-track album had quite the eventful rollout, and as expected, a star-studded production credit list.