Fans Rave Over Drew Barrymore’s ‘Normal’ NYC Home After She Gives Tour: See Photos

Despite being in the entertainment industry since childhood, Drew Barrymore's New York City home was deemed so ​"normal" by fans after she showed off her closet, kitchen, living room and more in a TikTok video.

"I love staying in," Drew wrote in the caption of the March 12, 2024, post, where she cooked eggs in her small kitchen and ate them on a dining table covered with a simple floral tablecloth.

"You give off vibes of you bought your first apartment and are still there. So wholesome and cute," one fan wrote in the comments, while others loved the cozy "vibes."

Drew once again proved her home was relatable to fans in a spring cleaning TikTok posted in April, where she was seen organizing her kitchen.