Fans Are All Over That 'Villainous Descent' In Survivor 46's Finale, And They Make A Good Point

 Survivor 46's finalists smiling on the beach .
Survivor 46's finalists smiling on the beach .

WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for the finale of Survivor 46.

Survivor is widely considered one of the best reality shows of all time, and has been credited for changing the TV world forever. Despite its decades on the air, it's still wildly popular, airing two seasons per year on CBS (and streaming with a Paramount+ subscription). While some fans are figuring out how to watch Survivor 46, the explosive season finale aired last night. Fans are all over that 'villainous descent' in the finale, and they make a good point.

Survivor 46 might have broken an embarrassing record after a number of players were sent home with idols in their pocket, but there are a number of Survivor contestants I'd like to see return for another season. Maria Shrime Gonzalez was high on that list, although fans seemingly soured on her after she didn't vote for her ally Charlie Davis to win, costing him a million dollars. Responses on Twitter cited this as her final step to becoming a villain, offering:

While Maria was a strategic and physical threat for the rest of her cast, a few of her most recent moves rubbed fans the wrong way. First there was making Liz and Q plead their case for food before eventually making them play rock paper scissors for a reward. Then there was her unsuccessful attempt to blindside Charlie, followed by her decision to ultimately betray her #1 and vote Kenzie Petty as the Sole Survivor.

Indeed, Maria's decision not to vote for Charlie despite being close allies throughout most of the game hit fans the wrong way. Another tweet shared their disappointment over this move, posting:

There have been a few controversial Survivor winners recently. Fans took umbrage with Gabler winning the 43rd season, claiming that the jury was bitter over their fate and didn't necessarily vote for the best player. Last season's Emily Flippen made her audition tape as a direct response to Gabler's win. Fans are accusing Maria of also being biter, with another tweet reading:

Perhaps Survivor fans had such strong feelings about Maria's vote is because of how devastated Charlie looked at the reunion that directly followed Final Tribal. She explicitly told him she'd give him her million dollar vote, and then instead went for Kenzie. Another angry tweet reads:

And just like that, another iconic Survivor finale is in the books. This level of fan investment is why the show continues running on CBS, and it's showing no signs of slowing down. What's more, Jeff Probst revealed that Survivor 50 will finally bring back returning players, which has the fandom especially excited about the future.

Survivor typically airs new episodes Wednesday on CBS. For now, you can re-watch the entire 46 season run on Paramount+. Be sure to check the TV premiere list to plan your next binge watch.