Fans are in disbelief after GloRilla finds out ham is pork

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This year has been full of new experiences for GloRilla, but her latest revelation has fans in stitches.

On Saturday (Nov. 19), the rapper revealed that she recently learned that her beloved go-to holiday meat of choice has bamboozled her for years.

“I know y’all gone laugh at me & call me slow & s**t, but Imma admit to it first & still say YO MAMA. But anyways, I haven’t eaten any pork for almost five months now. Tell me why I just found out ham is pork! I don’t know what the f**k Imma eat for Thanksgiving now,” she tweeted.

Even though the “Tomorrow 2” artist did not elaborate on what animal she thought her favorite dish came from, her fans didn’t care. They still had a field day roasting her, just as she knew they would. See some of their reactions below.

Whether Glo is deliberately trying to make her fans laugh or not, the Tennessee native can’t seem to keep from making everybody laugh at her discoveries. While on a promotional tour in London earlier this year, Glo found out that foxes are real animals and not just mythical creatures.

“So they like dogs? So y’all not scared of them?” she asked during a radio interview when discussing how rampant South London has become with the creatures. She continued, “So they orange? I can’t believe it. I never even knew foxes was real.”

Her followers were equally tickled when they learned Glo’s middle name is actually Hallelujah. Despite her mentioning her name in her lyrics, people could not help themselves from turning it into another viral moment on Black Twitter.

In response to the hoopla, the “F.N.F. (Let’s Go)” artist simply wrote: “Why y’all acting like I ain’t been told y’all my middle name is Hallelujah? Dats why I’m so blessed & my p**sy so good duhhhhhh !!!! Common d**n sense.”