Fans are conflicted after Bella Hadid and the Weeknd are caught kissing

The romance is back on for Bella Hadid and The Weeknd — at least that’s what the juicy new photos suggest! The model and singer were spotted kissing last night at the Magnum VIP party ahead of the Cannes Film Festival, and boy, fans have some thoughts.

Photo: Splash News
Photo: Splash News

And rightfully so. Exes getting back together is always tricky business, not to mention that Bella and the Weeknd have had a pretty up-and-down relationship, even after they split. We will never be able to forget the epic Victoria Secret run-in just months after their 2016 split, or that awkward moment when The Weeknd arrived at the Met Gala last year with his new girlfriend, Selena Gomez. Yes, Bella walked that same carpet. Talk about a roller coaster!

But fans got talking after the pair was spotted cuddling and kissing at Coachella last month. The reconciliation rumors flew.

Now it seems there was actually a fire with all that smoke. The kissing pictures are pretty clear; it definitely looks like these two are back together! Some fans are thrilled that Bella and the Weeknd have made their way back to each other.

Other fans are confused by the decision.

Although neither the model nor the singer has commented on their relationship status, a source told E! the couple has been “secretly seeing each other recently. They are just getting back to a good place.” A good place indeed.

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