Fans 'Can't Stop Watching' Video of Candace Cameron Bure's Daughter Threatening to 'Expose' Her

Candace Cameron Bure

Candace Cameron Bure often shares sweet and silly moments with her family online, but her daughter's latest video threatening to "expose" the actress has become a real hit with fans.

In a clip shared by Bure's daughter Natasha on Instagram on Wednesday, May 22, the two were walking at a mall after finishing hotpot for dinner, with Bure holding what looked like a little gift bag containing snacks from the restaurant. Text over the video said, "POV: Your mom who does not eat chips, takes home a snack bag from hot pot."

Natasha asked her mom to try the snacks and was stunned when she replied, "No, I don't eat this." Bure's daughter questioned why she took the bag then, saying, "I'm gonna expose you."

Bure adamantly explained that she took the bag to be nice and "didn't know what was in it," adding, "my body's not a garbage can." In response, her 25-year-old daughter quipped, "Mom! I saw what you ate at the hotpot."

Eventually, Natasha got her mom to try one of the snacks, though she didn't love the flavors.

Fans enjoyed seeing how Bure's niceness got the best of her, especially when Natasha recalled her mom taking the bag and telling the employee, "Oh, I would love one!"

"She’s always iconic I love her 😂😂😂😂," wrote one follower, with a second reacting to the video, "It’s just such a mom thing to do 😆😆."

"I cant stop watching this but the wayyyyy u exposing her tho 🔥🙌 still love both of uuuu 🤣🤣," another replied. A different fan related to Bure's struggle as they said, "Our kids always tell on us. 😂."

While Natasha purposely picked on her mom a bit in this video, fans loved seeing their fun interactions–something Bure has made a habit of documenting in previous uploads. Recently, she shared a touching video paying tribute to her kids that had fans feeling a little emotional.

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